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If you’ve been into Kratom for a while, you probably have heard that there is more than one strain of Kratom leaves out there. We also need to differentiate the type and strain. The “type” refers to its categorization into three different colors: green, white, and red. These colors are attributed to the stem and the vein in the leaves. On the other hand, the “strain” usually refers to the origin of the plant.

Strains and Differences

Like other herbal or hemp-based medicine, the different strains of Kratom also have their unique effects and levels of potency. They are commonly found in Indonesia but countries like Malaysia, Vietnam, Borneo, and Thailand also grow them. Some are more popular than others because of their varying characteristics and how they affect those who consume them.

Many people find that different forms of this plant work better for them, but there are many ways to enjoy kratom. Some prefer the convenience and ease of use with kratom capsules while others might like mixing kratom powder into the water as a tea or an extract. So there’s no one “best” way to use this plant!

Although this particular strain originated from Indonesia, it didn’t come from Bali. Rather, it is said to have come from Central Kalimantan, a province of Indonesia where these strains naturally grow.

It popularly called the “red vein”, and is famous as an analgesic. It is also the most “opioid-like” among all of the different strains.

Another strain that comes from Indonesia, it comes with different colors (stem and vein of the leaves) and is commonly used to relieve pain. It does not have stimulating effects like the other strains, but it can improve relaxation, pain relief, and is helpful to people with anxiety.

This is one of the most popular strains of Kratom because it is the original plant. It gained prestige because local farmers take special measures when rearing and harvesting these trees. As a result, Maeng Da strain has significantly higher levels of alkaloids than other strains. This means the effects are strong and fast which makes it one of the most sought after strain in the market.

It is a potent stimulant and is reported to be able to boost energy and increase focus while reducing pain. Overall, taking the red type of Maeng Da can induce a feeling of well-being, energy, and relaxation.

The Malaysian government has deemed Kratom to be illegal and so is its exportation. …….

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